Old Stuff

Hey Guys!

Some of the projects were done back in 2009 and 2010, among then:

Delloys - Soybean Oil

This was an Academic Project aimed at creating a brand new product design based in the topic: soy oil.
I was responsable for the logo and package design, modeling, lighting, texturing and rendering.

Group members: Felipe, Jean Marcel (me), Jose Eduardo, Rayza Alvarez and Rodrigo.

Eco Journey

Another Academic Project aimed at designing some screenshots of an Advergame based in sustainability.
I took part in all the creation process, such as the characters' concepts, environment, story and logo design.
Group members: Felipe Casarini, Jean Marcel (me), Rayza Alvarez and Vinicius Rodrigues.

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Light, Texture & Render Course

These are some of my stuff during the Illuminata course at Melies here in Brazil.
All models by Melies School.

3D Modeling Course

And these are some stuff during the 3D modeling course at Melies.