Native American

I'd like to share my recent study. It took me a good long while to finish, although I'll always find something to fix, I'll call it done. I learned a lot with her, tried things I had never tried before. So, I hope I did justice to this amazing concept by Carlos Luzzi. :)


Batgirl - Final

Batgirl - concept by Mingjue Helen Chen

Softwares: Zbrush, Topogun, 3ds max, UvLayout, Substance Painter, Vray, Lightroom and Photoshop.

High Resolution on my Artstation page:

Batgirl - WIP

Modeling part. I might change a thing or two but overall, that's it.

Concept by Mingjue Helen Chen

Hope you like it!

Ford Natal - Santa Transmedia

Super quick project I participated with my partner Rayza for Santa Transmedia Production.

I was responsible for modeling and UV mapping the the shot structures ( wall, floor, stairs...) jewels, cloth and some of the assets of this shot. Hope you like it!

More at:



Agency: Blue Hive
Creative Director: Vico Benevides
Agency Producer: Luana Aghata

Production Company: Santa Transmedia
Director: Gustavo Gripe
Animation Director: Thiago Steka
Art Director: Eric Pautz
Producers: Marcos Berghahn, Felipe Machado and Michael Bengtsson
Technical Director: Marcelo Bort
Concept Art: Eric Pautz, andré Juventil, Marco Furtado, Filipe Capra and Diego Amorin
Character Modeling: Victor Hugo and Rouhollah Toghyani
Enviroment Modeling: Jose Linares, Maurício Sampaio, Alex Liki, Lincoln Horita, Moran Tennenbaum, Rayza Alvarez, Jean Marcel, Ramon Lima, Felipe Bassi, Alexandre Assumpsão and Mica Cruz
Textures: Rouhollah Toghyani, Victor Hugo, Damien Peinoit, Roberto Maki, Flavio Mac, Alex Liki, Gustavo Groppo, Marek Denko, Peter Sanitra and Mauricio Sampaio
Shader: Marek Denko, Flavio Mac, Damien Peinoit, Peter Sanitra, Gustavo Groppo, Lukáš Hajka and Mica Cruz
Rigging: William Walker and Gustavo Encinas
Characters Animation: Olov Burman and Paul Claessens (Meindbender)
Extra animation: Derek Henriques, Ricardo Drehmer and Gustavo Encinas
Assets: Moran Tennenbaum, Tiago Oliveira, Douglas Sampaio, Viviane Adade, Rafael Chies, Lucas Kazakevicius, Lucas Fernandes and Guilherme Papa
Scene Setup: Ricardo Drehmer, Gustavo Encinas, Alex Martins, Tiago Medeiros and Alexandre Link
VFX: Tsetso Milanov, Agustin Schilling and Guilherme Krolow.
Hair: Yasin Hasanian, Ricardo Drehmer, Gustavo Encinas and Rodrigo Augusto
Composition: Mauricio Oliveira, Guilherme Haupenthal and Eric Pautz
Color Grading: Aline Sinquin – The Mill NY
Music and Sound Design: Ant Food


Manny - concept by Robin Joseph

Sketch and Painting: Zbrush
Retopology: Silo
Uv: Uvlayout
Textures and Post: Photoshop
Hair and Fur: Ornatrix
Material, Light and Render: 3dsmax/Vray

Garlic Jr. - Dragon Ball by 50 brazilian illustrators

Hi, guys!

This is Garlic Jr, our character for Dragon Ball by 50 Brazilian Illustrators. Modeled, detailed and painted by Rayza. Textures, shading, rendering and post by me. It was a lot of fun and a great pleasure being part of this project !! That's it, hope you guys like it! Also, check out the other great illustrations


Malcon - concept by Bobby Pontillas

Sketch and Painting: Zbrush
Retopology: Silo
Uv: Uvlayout
Textures and Post: Photoshop

Material, Light and Render: 3dsmax/Vray

Ze Camper

Co-op work, based on Ido Yehimovitz "Ze Future! 20 - Ze Camper" illustration. We thought it would be fun doing something together, so we decided to do a series of studies.
This is our first. Rayza modeled the RV and I modeled the props and worked on shaders, lighting, rendering and comp.
It was a lot of fun seeing it coming to life.
More info:

Bravest Warriors - Chris Kirkman

I've just started working ot this character. From the recent found cartoon Bravest Warriors.
Meet Chris Kirkman, one of the characters.

Hope you like it!

Flapjack and Captain K'nuckles

After a long time, I guess I've finished Flapjack and Captain K'nuckles. I could only work on it in my free time ( something rare lately). Despite taking too long to be finished, I liked the result and hope you guys like it too. You know, I've always struggled with creating something belivable and fun. Something simple but interesting. I tried putting this here. And part of it I could only do with some help.

So I'd like to thank for it. Pedro Conti, your workshop was inspiring and I could learn some stuff that really helped produce this scene. Vitor Hugo, even indirectly, if it weren't for your "eyes" I would certainly still be struggling to make them look belivable, so thanks for posting a break down on the eyes. I could see where to improve.

Last but not least, my girlfriend Rayza Alvarez (she's really mean). Always discovering some aberrations in the scene, but always cheering me up too.

Happy a New Year!

[WIP] Flapjack and Captain K'nuckles

Another test! :D

Render test! :)

The Barber Shop and some props.

Here is a shader test on Captain K'nuckles using 3ds max and Vray.


Hey guys, here is my current project that i've been working, its based on a Tv animated series called The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. I'm still working on some ideas for scene, so here is the Wip!

3ds max/Zbrush

Hope you like it!

Doodles - 04

Finally finished my study on head anatomy, detailing and polypainting.I know there's a lot to be improved. But I hope u like and help me improve my work.

Doodles - 03

Hey guys, here is the current study I'm doing on head anatomy, detailing and polypainting.I'll show the progress and modeling final result with the great help of Rayza Alvarez.

and here is my polypainting study and also some fun with fibermesh.
Polypainting, Hair and Materials still Wip.
Hope you like!

Doodles - 01

Just a cartoon modeling study. I used concepts of Goro Fujita(left) and Skottie Young (right).

Little Storm

Hi, everybody!!!

After sometime away, I’ve eventually come back with a new model. I’ve been working on it lately. Based in Skottie Young concept, I did baby Storm. My intention was to capture her in a scene in which she’s “discovering” her abilities, kind of clumsy yet. At first, this was supposed to be just a chill out job but I ended up learning a lot working on her, because I had to try things I had never tried before.

Well, that’s it. Hope u guys enjoy it!!!

Softwares: 3dsmax/Vray/Zbrush/Photoshop

[Studies] Traditional Modeling

I'd like to share with you my first contact with traditional modeling. It's so amazing to me because I had never modeled in real world before, just in "virtual world". I realized how dull it becomes sculpting in ZBrush, once you have everything to make things easier. Ctrl Zs, simmetry.. undos. It hit me that it blinds your senses, the art of touching, feeling is left behind.

You can see some pictures below.

Let the games begin!

The power of modeling!

Final result!

Hope you liked!